The No Way Back Company

The No Way Back Company lies at the crossroads between hip-hop and contemporary dance, between the street and the stage, the present and the future. It offers an offbeat look at society and our values, with a committed discourse and the conviction of contributing to a certain kind of evolution.

Purposefully coming from a hip-hop background, the Company does not deny its origins but sublimates them. The Company uses its disciplines as tools of creative expression to uplift reality. Fed by its influences, the Company does not shrink from mixing up styles to reinforce its message.

Its flagship show “No Way Back” has been performed a hundred times in Belgium and exported to France and the Netherlands. Since then the Company has created a show for street festivals, “Les Polissons“, a solo clownish show called “Super Showman“, an award winning show that brings street performers on the scene, “FrontX“, and is now embarking on a new adventure with its show “Abstrkt” !

If there is one recurring theme in the work of the NWB Company, it is that of personal fulfilment: the emphasis on individuality and differences as enriching humanity. The theme of the superhero comes up frequently.

The No Way Back Company has always been committed to treating societal issues with humour, a realistic discourse, aware of the current difficulties but resolutely positive and turned towards a better future, thanks to the tools in its tool box: the urban arts.