No Way Back

Woven together with mischievous and stylised impact, punctuated with beat boxing and a grooving electric bass, this show proposes that the complexity of today's world as the fruit of creativity and ingenuity that have come together for millions of years. And despite the world’s absurdities, it is not possible to reverse this evolution.

Hip hop is an instinctive language, universally understood by the youth around the planet. Through it, each dancer explores their personal expression as they become their own superhero. In the end, “No Way Back” will have you drifting through a world of pulsations, vibrations, and raw movements as you enjoy the visual and auditory experience.

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Dancers : Milan Emmanuel, Youri Garfinkiel, Julien Carlier , Yassin Mrabtifi

Bass Guitar : Benoit Vrelust

Human Beat Boxer : Gaspard Herblot

A « No Way Back » production, in co-production with the Centre culturel Jacques Franck, in partnership with Lezarts Urbains, L’Espace Catastrophe, Le Théâtre de Poche and with the support of the cie Victor B. du Ministère de la Communauté française Wallonie Bruxelles – Service de la Danse
This is a hip hop show with a real narrative that spins together various, choreographed acrobatics, rap and virtuoso human beat boxer performances. - Rue du Théâtre – Publié le 24 août 2012
Paulo Hortas: +32 (0)486 30 10 37 -
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Ingénieur son:
Antoine Thonon: +32 (0)477 25 66 61 -

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